Tantric return to Little Rock

Tantric_325x116 Billboard Magazine says of Tantric‘s latest release— "Tantric took four years – and practically a complete lineup change – before re-entering the music game with "The End Is Here," and the remarkable disc is worth every moment of the hiatus. It wastes no time jumping right in with the trifecta win of "Regret," rollicking kiss-off "Down and Out" and an inspired pairing of singer Hugo Ferreira’s baritone with the higher rasp of Candlebox’s Kevin Martin on "The One." Cut after cut (wistful "Wishing," the drowsier "Something Better," the deeply grooving title track) remind why Tantric hit platinum with its 2001 debut: It’s a well-realized blend of post-grunge rock, crafty melodies and pop finesse, sans overt commercial pandering. Bringing Marcus Ratzenboeck and the quivering emotion of his violin onboard as a pseudo second guitar ups the pleasure ante."

Tantric comes to Little Rock, AR on August 12th! Catch them at Juanita’s! You can buy tickets in advance by clicking here

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