Filter review at the Rev Room

August 6, 2008
Rev Room
Little Rock, AR

Set List (began at 10:00)
Welcome to the Fold
American Cliche
What’s Next
Where Do We Go From Here
Trip Like I Do
Its Gonna Kill Me
So I Quit
The Take
Hey Man Nice Shot
The Only Way is the Wrong Way
Take A Picture

End at 11:30

A great show by Richard Patrick and crew. A much smaller crowd than I expected(between 200-300, half packed house) came out to hear the great songs of Filter. Patrick sounded on point and truly has one of the best voices in rock. He commanded the stage and was very conversational with the crowd. The set was supposed to be over after Skinny but when a "hot female fan" in the front kept begging to hear Cancer, Patrick ordered the band back to their spots and they cranked out that song as well. The surprise of the show is that it only featured two songs off of their new release, ‘Anthems for the Damned’, and there was no ‘Soldiers of Misfortune.’ However, they did perform plenty of tunes off of my personal favorite release from them, ‘Title of Record,’ including the great hits of ‘Welcome to the Fold’ and ‘Its Gonna Kill Me.’ Overall, a very enjoyable show, one that I wish more people would have came out to support.


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  1. The Filter show in Little Rock this month was amazing. My friends and I all loved it and had so much fun. Richard Patrick interacted with the crowd and got us all pumped up for the awesome set. They put on 100% for the crowd and I would love to see Filter again. A-Maz-Ing!!

  2. Filter Concert Review:
    The night at The Rev Room started on somewhat shaky grounds upon finding out that the main opener, Opiate for the Masses, had cancelled their set. The other opener, God Fires Man, with their hard hitting mix of alternative rock blended with a little bit of punk, made up for whatever disappointment I had felt. They prepped the growing crowd for a high-energy night and even took time out for fans after their set. I got my picture taken with both the lead singer and the bassist.
    Filter’s founder, lead singer, and only remaining original member still with the band, Richard Patrick, reminded us of why we love Filter to begin with. He has the kind of penetrating, raspy, rock ‘n’ roll yell that will send shivers down your spine. Filter performed an incredibly well-rounded set lasting over an hour and a half. They played, not only songs from their newest album, Anthems For The Damned, but, also a wide range of material from their previous albums, including, from their popular Title of Album record, “It’s Gonna Kill Me” and their “biggest hit” and “ballad” “Take a Picture”, as Patrick referred to it as. “Take a Picture” has never been a song that I’ve connected with but, Patrick and crew absolutely killed it in a harder version and big crowd pleaser. No doubt the climax of the night started when the band’s bassist, John Spiker, began the familiar heart-thumping bass line to “Hey, Man, Nice Shot.” The crowd erupted into a unified energizing frenzy, causing one fan to be escorted out by security. Between songs Patrick was conversational but, never boring, even taking requests toward the end of the show. After they played their encore, a “sexy as hell” lady in the front row asked if they would play “Cancer”, her favorite song, as they were already taking off their instruments. Although the other members looked unsure, Patrick was happy to grant her request. I felt as though he wanted to play longer for the appreciative crowd. He obviously had a good time performing that night while feeding off the energy of the fans. The band took longer than average with their bow/wave/goodbye for the admiring music lovers, then disappeared through a door next to the stage leading them outside into the night. It was a fun, powerful, and overall kick ass show.

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