The Features – Some Kind Of Salvation

Somekindofsalvationcover THE FEATURES
Some Kind of Salvation
(Self Released)
Noel Wurst

The Features are The Strokes of the Southeastern U.S. They’re cooler than you, and sometimes that’s hard to deal with. It’s cool to be into bands that are fun and inspiring, but it’s not always so easy to embrace a group of guys that are just better than you. Sure they seem approachable, and friendly if you ever ran into them in the grocery store, but as you turned away and walked down the aisle, you’d still say to yourself “Eff those guys, how’d they get to be so cool anyway?”

Some Kind of Salvation is a great album. Really. The Features are currently one of the most consistent, quality groups out there right now, and are certainly one of the most underrated. I blame the rest of the country’s inability to willingly hand the rock ‘n roll crown to the South. Add in the obvious Country music stranglehold the South claims, not to mention the Hip Hop title we’ve owned for nearly a decade now – and Chicago and New York and LA are fighting tooth and nail to keep our successful claws off of Rock.

There’s not a bad track on Some Kind of Salvation. Honestly. Not one. It’s the coolness of The Strokes, hints of the songwriting abilities of The Talking Heads, and the laid back nature of Kings of Leon. I have no idea why this album was self released and not pumped out by a major label. Outside of “The Gates of Hell” it’s chock full of radio singles, and commercial endorsement goodness. Good luck to The Features, even with their coolness over abundance. Jerks.

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