New York Dolls: New Live CD, TV Appearance, and tour dates.

One of the most influential bands of all time on the rock and punk scenes has resurfaced yet again.  The New York Dolls have recently released a brand new live album, will play as part of "Punk Rock Week" on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and will strut onstage at shows in NY, CA, and Spain through the end of the year.

Live At the Fillmore East was recorded at the NY venue 2 years ago when the Dolls played there as part of New_york_dolls their reunion tour.  The band was encouraged to tour and record by beloved alternative rock singer and Dolls superfan, Morrissey, and thanks to his prodding they now have the stellar live CD to show for it.  Allthough new band members now walk in the stack heels of departed legends Johnny Thunders, Jerry Nolan, and Arthur "Killer" Kane, the performance was still inspirational to critics and fans alike.  Jim Derogatis of the Chicago Sun-Times proclaimed, “[David] Johansen remains one of the most inspiring vocalists in rock history, and it is, was and always will be a kick to hear him tear through brilliant Dolls classics such as Personality Crisis, Trash and Pills."

The band will play select dates in L.A., Ventura, New York, and Spain in October, November, and December.  Don’t miss the Dolls in a rare television appearance on October 28th, as they play the Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson.

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