CD REVIEW: YOUNG ANTIQUES–soundtrack to tear us apart

The Young Antiques
Soundtrack to Tear Us Apart

I was first introduced to this band many years ago as a college student in Athens, GA. Perhaps I caught them live at The Lunch Paper around 2001…sounds about right. The band's name jogged my memory and I jumped at the chance to review their latest offering: "Soundtrack to Tear Us Apart." While I have a positive association with their previous live show, the band has obviously worked hard to offer such a solid power-pop record. 

Recurring themes of the album involve troubled relationships, depression, and substance abuse. Catchy melodies and strong hooks may distract listeners from some of the darker lyrics within the four opening tracks. But the fifth song, "Laws", clearly describes the despair of addiction to the audience: "…the freezer door which holds our vodka opens/You've got the pains again/I caught you stealing pills from boxes we kept by the bed." The stand-out tracks include the Lenny Kravitz-esque "Nothing At All," the 2:27 punk-inspired "Johnny DA DA", and the album's closer "On A Planet 2."

Overall a good listen, with subtle touches such and well-placed organ pieces to distinguish The Young Antiques from sounding too much like The Replacements, Elvis Costello, or 90's alternative rockers The Gin Blossoms. Fans of these bands should buy local! Pick up a copy of Soundtrack to Tear Us Apart from Atlanta's rockers, Young Antiques or catch them live in Athens, GA at Tasty World on New Year's Eve with Five-Eight.

–Stephanie Roman

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