New Lily Allen CD this Winter!

Lilly Allen On February 10th, 2009, Capitol Records will release It's Not Me, It's You, the follow-up to Lily Allen's critically acclaimed 2007 debut, Alright, StillBlender magazine visited Allen for their "In The Studio" feature recently and described what they heard being recorded as "part God, part country and all middle finger." 

Producer Greg Kurstin (The Bird & The Bee) returns for this release, but where he produced three of the tracks on Allright, Still – he and Allen produced every track on this album. "We decided to try and make bigger sounding, more ethereal songs, real songs," says Lily, who will be touring the U.S. in the spring. "I wanted to work with one person from start to finish to make it one body of work. I wanted it to feel like it had some sort of integrity. I think I've grown up a bit as a person and I hope it reflects that." 

Allen has often been referred to as "The Queen of MySpace"  because massive interest in her demos posted on the popular website is what led record execs to her door with contracts in hand.  She has specialized in being eclectic in her musical stylings, spunky, and open to collaborate with artists from almost any genre. The New York Times observed, "She symbolizes a new blogging-age, middle-class girl: cockily ambitious, skeptical yet enthusiastic, technically savvy, musically open, obsessed with public expression and ready to fight back."  

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