The Modern Society LIVE at Vinyl, Atlanta GA

The Lisps are a quirky vaudevillian act from Brooklyn, NY. Fronted by the blonde mini-vixen Sammy Tunis, this band started off the evening with a fun performance and collective visual aesthetic. Drawing from turn-of-the-20th century Americana influences, The Lisps would be right at home sharing a bill with a more futuristic act like Devo. They also win the prize for best DIY merch stand!

The Bloodsugars (also from Brooklyn) brought an energetic garge-rock set into the mix. For some reason, the crowd at Vinyl just didn't seem to relate. Standing well back from the stage, the audience just couldn't find that hook they needed to really relax into the music. Perhaps the band's more disjointed set, kooky appearance and stage banter were more than we may have been ready for.


Rantings of Eva had been featured this fall in SPIN magazine as the winner of the 2008 Hot Persuit Contest (an honor which last year went to The Modern Society from Atlanta). Their alternative indie-rock sound, along with six years of performing throughout Atlanta and beyond has sharpened Rantings of Eva's live performance. Their united, tight set got the attention of the crowd around the bar who had been chatting away throughout other performances of the evening. The upbeat, fast-paced songs seemed to go over best, as most concert-goers now appeared ready to dance!

Rantings of Eva

The Modern Society is a band that I've been trying to catch live for several years now, but have been thwarted for one reason or another. The name alone gave me reason to prepare for a group like The Who or even Pulp…what I witnessed was definitely something else. But this performance did answer a question I've been considering for some time: where do all the kids go?…to see The Modern Society!

The Modern Society 1 

The Modern Society 2

An electric group of teens and 20-somethings pushed up to the stage as the band launched into a catchy set from their new album as well as crowd favorites that had the audience singing and clappng along. This band could easily rest on their good looks and strong stage presence, but they also happen to play some fine rock n roll. While edgy enough to appeal to a crowd of young people, they are also safe enough for parents to allow teen daughters to decorate bedroom walls with photos of the band. The Modern Society continues a rigorous touring schedule nation-wide, they played a show in London this past Spring, and their fan base seems to be one of the most dedicated I've seen. If this is the band currently representing Atlanta's indie rock scene, let's get on board!

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