Three Outkast Albums in 2009??

Outkast WIth Andre 3000 performing in more and more movie roles, and Big Boi getting creative with side projects like his recent Hip-Hop Ballet, it's not unusual to wonder when a new Outkast album might come out.

When it rains it pours.  Big Boi actually completed his album some time ago, but Sir Luscious Left Foot…Son of Chico Dusty has seen it's release date pushed back to 2009.  Fear not though, it looks like there will be plenty of New 'Kast to go around. "Me and 'Dre were on the conference call [recently]," Big Boi told "He's working on his album; my album is done. We're gonna wait until the top of the year– January or February– to put it out. Then 'Dre is gonna come hit y'all, and [then] we're gonna do the Outkast album. So y'all gonna get three records from the 'Kast next year." 

In the meantime the perusal into other careers will continue.  Big Boi will guest star on an episode of Law & Order SVU, and Andre will continue to work on new fashions for his Benjamin Bixby clothing line which debuted in stores this season.

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