Fun and Games on Facebook with Lily Allen

We love to give you all fun stuff to waste your time with when you should really be working. And today is no different. Our favorite British popstress Lily Allenhas created a Facebook game, Lilypoke, where you and your friends can throw all manner of Lily-type accessories at each other. From cigarettes to champagne bottles, posh handbags to platform shoes, you can have your pick of Lily item to chuck at an unsuspecting friend. You can even throw a copy of her upcoming album, It's Not Me, It's You, coming out February 10. Smart marketing, right?

To get a taste of the new record, you can check out her e-card, which features several remixes of her brilliant single, "The Fear," here. The video for the single, complete with chocolates and presents, is up for your viewing at the beginning of the post.

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