CD Review: Takeover UK — Running With the Wasters

Takeover uk

The Takeover UK
Running with the Wasters

By Al Kaufman

The Takeover UK are one of those garage bands with punk attitudes,
but enough music sensibility to fill their songs with monster hooks.
They're like some of the great British bands that came out in the '70s
second wave of the British Invasion. You know, bands like The Clash.
And it would make sense since the band is from . . . Pittsburgh. Yup,
it seems that when they were ready to sign, they found out another band
already had the name the Takeover. So, in true punk fashion, as well as
a way to pay homage to many of their three-chord heroes, they slapped a
"UK" on the end. Might it also be a clever marketing ploy? Maybe, but
who cares? The Takeover UK deliver the goods.

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