CD Review: Winston Audio — The Red Rhythm


Winston Audio

The Red Rhythm

Favorite Gentlemen Records

By Samantha A. Parvin

Winston Audio’s The Red Rhythm is the first
full-length album released by the Atlanta-based quintet. The current band
members have only been playing together since 2006, yet producer Dan Hannon’s
skill and the poetry of the band successfully introduce an album of clever,
life-inspired lyrics with the essence of classic ‘90s rock. 

As the album progresses, the Smashing Pumpkins-like backup
vocals, Nirvana guitar riffs, and Green Day drum sequences are undeniable.
Daniel DeWitt’s waning vocal leads are reminiscent of Incubus’s lead singer,
Brandon Boyd, on Morning View, an appropriate stepping stone album for a
Winston Audio lover. But while it’s easy to compare some major themes of this
novel band to those aforementioned, Winston Audio contributes their own nuances
from their personal experiences. 

Intellect and emotion run deep in the members of Winston
Audio, which is apparent in their writings. Lyrics like “You are the smoke
signal I‘ve never seen before” and “You always let me through / Even though I
left you bruised” insinuate the inspiration of a muse, or a plethora of them –
be it society, love, independence, pain; and the album acts as an homage to
those who have affected the members’ lives and have allowed them to feel. These
gentlemen create to feel. 

The Red Rhythm, despite Winston Audio’s fledgling
existence, explores ideas of the future and the past, hopes and fears, love and
lust and hate in well-managed musical arrangements. Be ready for more of their
thought-provoking rock in the near future.

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