CD Review: Telepathe — Dance Mother


Dance Mother

Iamsound Records

By Stephanie Roman

Dance Mother is the debut full-length CD from Brooklyn-based electronic duo Telepathe. The first track, "So Fine," is driving piece of electro pop that cleverly draws the listener in with gorgeous tone and a perfect mix. Put this in your ear next time you're gliding through France on the Eurostar for an unforgettable ride.

Next up, we find some stripped-down tendencies toward hip-hop paired with probing lyrics. Some tracks sound like they were the result of audiophiles let loose with new toys for the first time, which may have been what happened when the girls began recording the album in a studio full of vintage synthesizers belonging to Dave Sitek (TV on the Radio).

"In Your Line" is a simple song about a lost love, with the familiar backing vocals belonging to !!!'s Shannon Funchess. At times the repetitive rhythms could stand an occasional twist or turn. Telepathe takes us into the stratosphere once again during "Can't Stand It" with dreamy vocals similar to Ladytron or the Smashing Pumpkins.

"Trilogy" contains a beautiful violin-toned break that hearkens back to early Depeche Mode, and "Drugged" continues with melodies that could have been lifted from a traditional Japanese opera (little wonder the band is so loved in the land of the rising sun). Overall, a very impressive debut release.

After touring Europe this May, Telepathe plays 529 in Atlanta on June 23 (tickets available here) and Rock and Roll Hotel in Washington, DC on June 25 (tickets available here).

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