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Ticket Alternative Requests Call to Action from Venues and Promoters Nationwide

ATLANTA – Atlanta-based ticket provider, Ticket Alternative, worried that one juggernaut company managing artists and venues and setting ticketing fees with little or no competition will lead to EVEN HIGHER ticket prices, decided to step up and take the initiative to ticketing change.  The impending Ticketmaster/Live Nation merger has, without a doubt, caused quite a stir within the music industry and among concertgoers.  Since there has been so much speculation in the media on how the merger would affect competition and the consumer alike, Ticket Alternative launched the Campaign for a Ticketing Change.  They wanted to give consumers the ability to voice their opinions about the way they purchase concert tickets. 

More than 650 music fans, from L.A. to New York and everywhere in between, took the survey.  Here are the results:

1. Which scenario do you prefer?
a. Lower convenience fees and fewer retail outlets – 96.2%
b. Higher convenience fees and more retail outlets – 3.8%

2. If, in the past, you purchased a ticket from a retail outlet, was it because
a. It was cheaper than buying online – 65.9%
b. It was more convenient – 9.1%
c. I preferred to pay with cash – 25%

3.   Which venue in your area would you most like to see switch to Ticket Alternative?
The array of answers, both locally in Atlanta as well as nation-wide was astounding. 
Venues included:

 Tabernacle – Atlanta
 Variety Playhouse – Atlanta
 Black Cat – Washington D.C.
 9:30 Club – Washington D.C.
 IZOD Center – New Jersey
 Alltel Arena – Little Rock, AR
 Viper Room – Los Angeles, CA

To Ticket Alternative, the results are not exactly surprising, but the overwhelming and passionate response from those who took survey was astonishing.  “As a company with a major emphasis on customer service, we had an idea of what music fans desired,” says Ticket Alternative President, Iain Bluett.  “We started Campaign for a Ticketing Change because we thought, ‘You shouldn’t be forced to drive to all the way to a retail ticket outlet to save money.  It’s NOT convenient!’  The survey shows us that if it was as cheap to buy tickets online as it is at most retail outlets, there would be no need for the outlets to begin with!  In fact, we at Ticket Alternative speculate that retail outlets will become extinct within a few years.”

Jamie Dwyer, CEO and Co-Founder of Ticket Alternative adds, “The results from the survey are an unequivocal indication that change is necessary and cannot be ignored, and the results should be strongly considered by venue owners nationwide.  Bottom line – in this economy, music fans would prefer over anything else to pay lower convenience fees in order to be able to enjoy seeing their favorite acts.  Ticket Alternative has significantly lower convenience fees AND impeccable in-house customer service.  We’re simply the best choice – THE Alternative!”

About Ticket Alternative
Ticket Alternative provides a range of ticketing and box office solutions for events and venues of all sizes while maintaining the lowest service charges in the industry.  This Atlanta upstart also prints millions of tickets for independent distribution throughout the U.S. and the U.K.  Since 2004, Ticket Alternative has grown exponentially due to its dedication to customer service and personalized marketing support.  For more information on Ticket Alternative and the Campaign for Change, please visit  Follow Ticket Alternative on Twitter @MyTATix.

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