CD Review: Von Iva — Girls on Film

Von Iva
Girls on Film
Stickfigure Records

By Eileen Tilson

Rumor has it that Von Iva, grandmother of Jillian
Iva and the band’s namesake, was one of the most seductive snake-charmers of her
time. She captivated her audience, mesmerizing them with her control of her
body; Walking on stage in her short shorts and heels on Von Iva’s “Hell on
Heels” tour, it is no secret that charming runs in Jillian’s veins as well.

Iva is an all-girl trio shaking it all the way from San Francisco. They are a
menage a trois of soul, disco, electro-pop, and gender-crossing dirty rock. With
the support of Bex on keys and Kelly Harris on percusiion, they are the
Charlie’s Angels of the dance world, keeping even the Chuck-T kids gyrating
under the disco ball.

In December 2008, Von Iva made their big screen
debut in the Warner Brothers release starring Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel Yes Man, playing the fictional band Munchausen by Proxy behind Deschanel. They
have also scored many recent placements including The L Word, Life, The City,
Tap Tap Revenge,
and the BAFTA awards. Being officially released to the
streets in June, Girls on Film is a six song cardio EP filled with
“Electricity,” also the middle track on the album. “Lala,” the single off the
CD, is a party themed anthem, an ode to life in Los Angeles.
 Von Iva’ s music is infectiously energetic. With
lyrics that are neither angst-filled or too introspective, they remind even the
most Emo of listeners how much fun it is to commit that carnal sin known as
cuttin’ a rug. Released on Stickfigure Records, Girls on Film  will
quickly be spinning on every rainbow flagged dance floor, right between Donna
Summer and Goldfrapp. 

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