Live Review: The Veronicas @ The Revolution Music Room in Little Rock, AR


By Sarah Spencer

The opening band for The Veronicas Little Rock show  was a band called The Love
. Honestly, I missed half this set because it started at 8.30 p.m. when the
website for the venue (The Rev Room in Little Rock, AR) stated that the concert
would start at 9:00 pm. We arrived at around 8.45 p.m. The lead singer was a
pretty blonde all dolled up … seriously, all dolled up. She had on what looked
to be a short pink poofy prom dress and perfect sweet curls in her hair with a
pretty sweet voice to match. Her partner on guitar was a little more casual. The
Love Willows consists of Hope Partlow on vocals and instrumentalists Ryan Wilson
on guitar. If you like bubblegum pop with a mix of rockabilly and enthusiastic
vocals you should listen to The Love Willows. They sang "Wait", a poignant song
asking "When are you coming home?" along with their song "Strut My Stuff" a
quirky little ditty in which Partlow did indeed strut her stuff. They finished
their set with their most popular song "Falling Faster" a mid-tempo love


The crowd was growing by each passing minute. There were kids
with homemade tee shirts on, as well as a big group of young ladies with
glow-in-the dark jewelry on who were obviously big fans of The Veronicas. The
crowd started to get restless and there was a fight that broke out near the
front of the stage.

Finally, The Veronicas came out to their admiring fans and
started off immediately with their biggest hit to reach America. This
electro-pop band from Australia is the first from the land down under to
successfully have a hit single certified platinum in the United States with one
million digital downloads for the fast paced, string sampled song "Untouched."
It was a little surprising that they started with that song, but the crowd loved
it. They let us know that it was their first time in Arkansas before they
performed their underground dance music inspired "Take Me on the Floor."


Afterwards, they apologized for how they were dressed. Expecting a smaller crowd
they dressed in an extremely comfortable fashion. They referred to their
appearance as "boguns," Australian slang for sloppy. And yes, they could of put
a little more effort into their clothing choices, especially Jessica Origliasso
(the blonde twin) since she looked like she just rolled out of bed and put on a
little make-up.

Their rendition of Tracy Bonham's "Mother Mother" was done well
and passionately so. Soon the temperature was too hot for the fake fur jacket
Lisa Origliasso had on. Although the PETA supporter decided to put the jacket
back on several songs later, stating she didn't mind suffering for fashion.
Jessica also took off her black tuxedo jacket showing off her large arm tattoo
but, decided to keep it off.

Their song "Secret," with it's country western
twangy guitar hook, was received well, as they stated it was the first time they
had performed it in the United States. They also sang "Revenge is Sweeter (Than
You Ever Were)," and said that it was written for an ex-boyfriend of Lisa's. Then
they asked the audience if anyone knew who the not-so-sweet ex-boyfriend was. A
young man in the front row knew the song was written about pop rock singer and
former love Ryan Cabrera.

The Veronicas also showed they are not only MySpace
friends and former tour mates but, also big fans of the Jonas Brothers when they
sang "Burnin' Up". During their dance hit "Hook Me Up," Jessy donned a guitar and
tore it up. They left the stage and reappeared for the encore which consisted
disappointingly of only one song, "This is How it Feels," an emotional, 1980s-sounding pop and anti-love song. 

They were high energy and connected instantly
with their fans. The live performance exceeded my expectations. The girls hit
the high notes with ease and had fun doing it. And we had fun watching them. The
Veronicas also consists of Jungle George on guitar, Vik Foxx on drums and
Sherman on bass.


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