Leila’s Three Picks of the Week

ElizabethandtheCatapultIn a new Friday feature, cleverly titled Leila’s Three Picks of the Week, I (Leila, your fearless editor of this blog and promotions director at Ticket Alternative) will be picking three bands to share with you each week. They’ll be amazing, so feel free to check them out, links are provided for. Go on, they won’t bite. Promise.

Elizabeth and the Catapult – With Karen Carpenter
coos and a stunning array of genres to overcome, from indie pop to alt country
to Bacharachian odes, Elizabeth and the Catapult are too adorable to garner
anything other than utter swoons. They’re also playing gigs at The Red and Black
(June 19, tickets here) and Rock and Roll Hotel (with Greg Laswell July 16,
tickets here).

Bombadil – about to release their second record,
these Huck Finn look-a-likes are looking to follow in the footsteps of their
label mates The Avett Brothers by crossing genres (from bluegrass to folk to
South American to twee indie rock) using stellar songwriting, overwhelming all
in their path with their talent.
Princeton – a twee modern indie pop take on the
sweeping arrangements of the Beach Boys’ sunny baroque pop.

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