CD Review: Black Moth Super Rainbow — Eating Us; Playing Rock and Roll Hotel in DC July 26

BlackMothSuperRainbow Black Moth Super Rainbow

Eating Us


By Noel Wurst

Black Moth Super
Rainbow is an interesting bunch.  At
one’s first listen to their latest offering, Eating Us, it comes across
as a fairly “chill” and simple “background worthy” album that tends to get listened
to while cooking, or doing yardwork with a boombox playing from the porch.

It’s once you do
your research on the band, and listen to the album on your headphones while
staring at the ceiling, that all of your acid flashbacks return, and BMSR’s truly
unique place in today’s music scene really begins to shine. From the lyrics, to the song titles, to the
limited edition “hairy version” (look it up) of Eating Us, that the
original calmness that you once felt is replaced by mellow paranoia, and face melting.

Tracks like “Gold
Splatter,” “Tooth Decay” and “American Face Dust” give a false initial
impression of simply being lazy and repetitive trance music that not all
listeners are going to have the patience to give them time to grow on them.
This is sad because the intricacies of multi-layered sound and mood development
are certainly there, they just require more focus than so many people will give
the time to search for. The entire
album’s light, airy, melodies lift you gently off the ground, and suddenly you
lose track of where you are, or what track you’re on, and at a short running
time of only 36 minutes, you can simply start over, and enjoy the entire album

Black Moth Super Rainbow play Rock and Roll Hotel on July 26. Tickets are available at Ticket Alternative.

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