CD Review: The Noisettes – Wild Young Hearts

NoisettesCD The Noisettes

Wild Young Hearts


By Chris Homer

With their second album and debut for Mercury Records, The
Noisettes continue their unique blend of soulful pop and electro-dance music.
Judging from the five song press sampler of Wild
Young Hearts
alone, it is easy to see the UK trio’s versatility.

Vocalist Shingai Shoniwa has a powerful voice that brings to
mind the style of Atlanta’s
own Janelle Monae. She uses it with great success on “Never Forget You,” where
swooning orchestral lines mix beautifully with a simmering bass part. The
overall effect of the song is like being transported back to the 1960s at the
height of soul and R&B. However, The Noisettes aren’t merely imitating this
sound, the band still sounds believable when compared to other artists of the
past era.

Likewise, the title-track “Wild Young Hearts” also calls to
mind a past era of pop music. Shoniwa’s silky voice is well suited for the
song, which is built around hand claps and an irresistible guitar riff. The
track is also infused with a more modern rock sound anchored by a slamming key
melody at the chorus, providing a refreshing taste of retro and current sounds.

While the soulful side of The Noisettes is impressive, they
also succeed in creating synth-loving songs like “Don’t Upset The Rhythm” and
“Saturday Night.” Here, the band’s sound becomes decidedly more modern and
makes use of high-energy electro beats, vaguely bringing to mind the likes of
Lady GaGa. However, The Noisettes retain a rock edge on these tracks, evident
in the funk-tinged guitar and bass parts of “Don’t Upset The Rhythm.” You’re
left with songs that contain the best of both genres, adding to the power of Wild Young Hearts.

Despite having two shockingly different influences, The
Noisettes are equally enjoyable as a throwback pop group or an earth-shaking
electro band. Wild Young Hearts should
propel them to quite an amount of success.

The Noisettes play Rock and Roll Hotel in Washington, DC on August 12. Tickets are available at Ticket Alternative.

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