CD Review: Sister Hazel — Release; Playing Center Stage in Atlanta, GA, August 22

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By Eileen Tilson

It has been a decade since Sister Hazel was “happy,
happy;” from divorce, to birth and death, every member of the band seems to have
dealt with some sort of personal tragedy in the past few years. This turmoil
provided plenty to write about for their seventh studio album in which each
member of the band contributed at least two original songs for the album. What
is left is an Americana quilt, filled with dusty patches of five weathered
musicians who have stuck together, but missed the boat on trend-setting

The first single, "Take A Bow," a Triple A song, is a
track that was brought to the table by guitarist Ryan Newell. The song, was
co-written by Pat McGee (Pat McGee Band) and Michael Daly (Whiskeytown) at a
songwriting retreat in 2008, and was written about Newell's divorce. The album
is typical Sister Hazel, with Ken Block’s distinctive voice ho-humming over the
all-for-one attitude on each track. The music is mildly bland, following in the
same footsteps as their compadres, Barenaked Ladies, and still wears their '90s
alternative vibe proudly on their sleeve.

Beginning in late June, the band will be hosting
online video chats every Friday night at
The band members will rotate and will broadcast from wherever they are that day 
with fans having the opportunity to ask questions in real-time. The band, who
has logged over 3,500 live shows throughout the course of their career, will be
touring in advance of the album this summer. Tour dates will be released

Sister Hazel will never be as cool as Radiohead, or
even as ironically popular as Nickelback, but their connection to their
fans will continue to give them a shelf life. The band has recently teamed up
with Ford Motor Company to be the face of “Sync My Ride,” and are starting a
“Give Sister Hazel A Ring” campaign, where fans are given a number to actually
call and chat with band members during certain hours. It still remains “All for

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