Leila’s Three Picks of the Week

Hello campers! It's been a pretty crazy week over here at the Ticket Alternative offices – and summer is supposed to be our downtime! Guess all those ticket orders didn't get the memo. Not that we're complaining…

Anyway, onwards and upwards to my three picks of the week, most of which have to do with some pretty awesome concert announcements.

The Selmanaires – Always nice to start with some local boys, this Atlanta band manages to stride multitudes of genres, from post punk to world beats to esoteric jazz, while still keeping their sound hip and sharp. They're touring with Broadcast and Atlas Sound, who will be stopping in D.C. and Atlanta (tickets at Ticket Alternative now). 

Heavy Trash – We all need some good, solid, raw rock 'n' rawl every once in a while, and Heavy Trash – made up of Jon Spencer (of Blues Explosion fame) and Matt Verta-Ray (Madder Rose and Speedball Baby) – deliver in spades. They'll be at The EARL in Atlanta on November 19 (tickets at Ticket Alternative). 

ChipMunk – And lastly, a little taste of what's been on the buds of folks overseas in the Mother Country. ChipMunk is that perfect summer blend that Lily Allen also serves up – cheeky, charming and cheerful. There's a lil' bit of ska here, a good dash of hip-hop there, and a fab stock of solid pop cool to hold it all together. The kid's only just got his A Level results (yesterday in fact) and he's got a record deal and a hit record. And he was still fretting over his grades! Good lad we say – study hard, kids! Check out his video for the new single, "Diamond Rings," above.

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