Leila’s Three Picks of the Week

And we're back. Summer's been a hectic time over here at Ticker Alternative and with fall on the way there is soon to be a deluge of incredible shows upon us. There sure "Ain't No Rest For the Wicked" – oops, sorry, Cage The Elephant was an old pick! So on with the new…

The Coathangers – while I will quickly admit that the Atlanta garage rockers' sophomore album didn't blow me away (with the exception of the previously-released swoonfest "Dreamboat"), the all-girl group still thrills with their live shows, mixing '50s girl group melodies with punk attitudes. They're playing the Black Cat in Washington, D.C. on September 28. Tickets are available at Ticket Alternative.

Pixie Lott – following in the pop diva steps of many British-favored chicks (Little Boots, Kylie Minogue, Amy Winehouse), Pixie Lott has a voice with a heckuva lot of soul and songs with a ton of pop sensibilities. She has yet to descend on America, but with the success of girls like Duffy, she's sure to be introduced to us all soon. In the meantime, shake your booty to the video of "Boys and Girls" above.

Mayer Hawthorne – with an oddly old school soul sound (think the brass-led '70s grooves of Stevie Wonder), Mayer Hawthorne sounds vintage while keeping totally hip with no hint of irony whatsoever. His gloriously sun-shiny songs will warm any cold heart. He'll be taking his blue-eyed soul on the road and stopping off at Atlanta's Drunken Unicorn October 6. Tickets are available at Ticket Alternative.

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