Leila’s Three Picks of the Week

Did you miss the feature last week? We had an office outing, complete with massive quantities of Mexican food, so had to cut the day short, which meant this poor little feature got cut. But now it's back and better than ever! Or, at least, hopefully just as good as it usually is.

Karen O & the Kids – Don't tell me you haven't heard the delightful song Karen O and various other uber-cool musicians have recorded for Where The Wild Things Are? Well then listen to "All Is Love" via the video at the top of the post and get your cheerful on.

The Whiskey Gentry – The Atlanta music scene was pretty bummed out when Missy Gossip and the Secret Keepers, a rockin' indie band with a hefty dose of tradional country, broke up just as they were getting started. For many of us, they could do no wrong. But thankfully, there's a new band that has risen out of those ashes to heal our hurt, and that band is The Whiskey Gentry. The band's debut EP was reviewed on our sister site Atlanta Music Guide, and we proclaimed it was "how music ought to be," with banjos, mandolins and fiddles filling out the group's country-fried curves nicely. They'll be playing The EARL on September 9 with Mike LaSage and the Stumbling Troubadours, and tickets are available at Ticket Alternative.

Slaraffenland – I've been keen on this hard-to-spell, impossible-to-pronounce Danish band since I saw them at SXSW. Over at Atlanta Music Guide, their debut record was reviewed to high praise, with a sound that we've never heard before yet is not in the beyond-bizarro category. It's glorious, soaring and deep with layer upon layer of vocals and looped sounds. Though it might be tough to categorize it sure ain't difficult to love, so even the most intimidated of music fans should check them out.

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