Check Out: Dazed Digital’s Interview with Henry Rolins; Playing Juanita’s in Little Rock, Ark., February 25


Dazed Digital has a very enlightening interview with punk-legend-turned-spoken-word-artist Henry Rollins, who gives his thoughts on what he'll be speaking about on his upcoming tour. And boy does he have some thoughts…

"America has a new president, which is interesting in that it sparks a
lot of racism in my country. Racism that was dormant or not really that
evident is now all over the place in America. These people were always
around it wasn’t just like, 'Ding! I’ll be a racist now!' it’s more
like, “Now I’ve got a microphone!” It’s really depressing, so I deal
with all of that."

Check out the rest of the interview here and then buy your tickets for his gig at Juanita's on February 25 at Ticket Alternative.

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