Cymbals Eat Guitars, Freelance Whales and Bear In Heaven to Play Rock and Roll Hotel in Washington, D.C. and The EARL in Atlanta, GA


The Cymbals Eat Guitars spring tour just got a little bit more exciting. The band is now being joined by Freelance Whales as well as Bear in Heaven, making for a terrific "Best in Indie Music 2010" lineup.

Cymbals Eat Guitars have been drumming up the attention lately, with a "Best New Brooklyn Band" accolade from Village Voice and a fab Daytrotter session.

Village Voice said, "Cymbals Eat Guitars,
originally a Weezer cover band when they formed in their native Staten
Island, have dramatically shifted their stride since relocating to
Brooklyn. Their sonic soup still contains a bit of their idols' nebbish
self-effacement, but it melds deftly into psych-pop and post-punk,
abetted live by singer/guitarist Joseph D'Agostino's twitching, jarring
solos and bloodletting dives into his alarmed bandmates' paths."

You can get tickets for both the shows at Ticket Alternative.

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