CD Review: A Sunny Day In Glasgow — Nitetime Rainbows; Playing DC9 March 28

A Sunny Day in Glasgow

Nitetime Rainbows

By Alec Wooden

In reality, 2010 should be predestined as a tough year for A Sunny Day in Glasgow. Not because they’re stuck in dreary weather in Glasgow — they’re not. The band is actually from Philly, and there’s nothing particularly sunny nor glasgow-y about them in the first place.

You see, 2010 should be tough because it has the unenviable task of following 2009’s fairy tale ride of indie buzz and critical acclaim in the wake of the band’s sophomore breakout, Ashes Grammar.

The 2010 product, Nitetime Rainbows, isn’t as much a fresh musical statement as it is cutting room floor material from the Ashes sessions. Typically, even the B-side scraps of a masterpiece are delightful, and there’s no exception here. Rainbows delivers a slightly brighter (sunnier, perhaps?) spin on the same post-rock grungy shoegaze goodness that got them here in the first place — smart in sticking to the tried and true formula but noble in proving the band’s more than a one trick pony.

Rainbows can’t be taken on the same level as Grammar and it’s likely not the band’s intent for it to be, as signified by the inclusion of three remixes of the title track. Superfluous on a new LP, each different take on the tune really defines this record as a waiting game filler that underscores the point — that ASDIG shouldn’t leave your radar any time soon. A perfect coda to Ashes‘ brilliance, Rainbows is the perfect appetizer for a feast surely to come with the next full-length.

A Sunny Day In Glasgow play DC9 March 28. Tickets are on sale at Ticket Alternative.

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