Over 50 bands and DJs to Perform at Fever To Sing: Music & Arts Festival in Blacksburg, VA March 26-28

Fever To Sing, the three-day music and arts festival in Blacksburg, Va. on March 26-28, is set to host over 50  bands and DJs as well as multiple art exhibitions.

Fever To Sing Arts Collective is a student-run organization that celebrates the diversity of arts that the student community and the Blacksburg-area community has to offer.

The 50+ musicians and DJs performing at Fever To Sing, will feature local area and touring acts from New York, Georgia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, D.C. and more. The festival organizers encourage attendees to explore the diverse genres booked at Fever To Sing, which includes jam, rock, electro, house, metal, punk, folk, hip-hop and experimental.

Fever To Sing will be hosted at multiple venues and galleries in the Blacksburg, Va. area. For more details, performance schedules and venue information, please visit: http://www.fevertosing.com

Three-day VIP tickets can be purchased online here:

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