Check Out: U Street Music Hall in The Washington Post

The Washington Post just published a rather interesting article about one of our newest venues, U Street Music Hall. It details the no-photography policy they have at the venue, as well as introducing the world to the DJs-turned-club-owners:

It’s Wednesday night in the green room of U Street Music Hall, and club owner Will Eastman is explaining his vision for a “no-frills dance club . . . no attitude, no bottle service, no velvet rope, no bull–” THUMP-THUMP-THUMP.

Deep frequencies come throbbing from the adjacent dance floor, as if his recently opened nightclub was divided like the chambers of a beating heart. “We put the focus on the music,” Eastman says. “Every decision we made emanated out in concentric circles from the music.”

You can continue reading the article HERE.

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