James Hall and the Futura Bold at Smiths Olde Bar – June 26

Underground legend James Hall and his most recent musical incarnation The Futura Bold are quickly becoming the most rock and roll rock band in Atlanta. The trio is made up of guitarist Chris Piskun, bass player Bruce Butkovich, and one impressively energetic frontman part James Brown/part David Bowie – singer/multi-instrumentalist, James Hall.

With their recently released self-titled EP and an extremely loyal Atlanta audience, The Futura Bold are gearing up for a rock and roll takeover. A couple of small tours are being planned around the U.S. this fall – we highly recommend keeping an eye out for any upcoming Futura Bold shows in a city near you!

James Hall and the Futura Bold
Saturday, June 26
Smith’s Olde Bar
with Young Orchids
Ghosts of Summer Suns

Keep up with The Futura Bold online on Facebook and Twitter.

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