CD Review — Young the Giant; Playing The Red Palace, January 24; Sticky Fingerz, March 10; Vinyl, March 12

Young the Giant
Young the Giant

By Al Kaufman

Young the Giant conjures up the melodic grandeur of The Killers in their prime. Although Sameer Gadhia’s vocals do not resonate with quite the same authority as those of Brandon Flowers’, there is no denying the band’s music is captivating and, at times, downright thrilling.

Case in point is “My Body.” Led by the pounding bass drum of Francois Comtois, the anthemic song bursts from the speakers. “My body tells me no/But I won’t quit ’cause I want more,” shrieks Gadhia, around a whirling dervish of guitars.

“God Made Man” is just as powerful. What begins as a pretty enough ballad about living with one’s own consequences is suddenly taken over by a full throttle  assault in which Gadhia shreds vocal chords screaming “I want you to know that I know.” It’s a sincere plea for honesty and integrity.

While nothing else on the reaches the zenith of those two songs, most of the CD is filled with guitar-heavy, blissful rock ‘n’ roll. While their attempt at an all-out ballad, “Island,” is nothing more than a boring, misbegotten folly, most everything else on the CD offers up some interesting touches; whether it be the island feel of “I Got” and “Strings,” or the Edge like guitar riffs of “12 Fingers.”

Young the Giant is a California band of five guys in their young 20s who serve as a veritable United Nations of music, with Persian, Indian, British, and French-Canadian heritages all represented among them. Together, these backgrounds make one glorious sound.

Young the Giant will be released January 25
Young the Giant plays the Red Palace Monday January 24…

… Sticky Fingerz, March 10…

…and Vinyl March 12.

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