The Daily Meal Interviews Atlanta Food & Wine Festival Founders

Fabulous foodie website The Daily Meal had an insightful interview with Atlanta Food & Wine Festival co-founders Dominique Love and Elizabeth Feichter. Here’s a quick snippet:

If forced to choose, what would be the three events to look out for?

EF: We’ve created an experience where there are so many choices you’re not really going to miss out on anything. You can keep yourself busy during the day with the learning experiences and the tasting tents, and then hit the restaurants and special parties at night. I’m looking forward to Pig Out Texas Style with Tim Love and Ford Fry, and to the Chef’s House Party at Kevin Rathbun’s home in Atlanta where Kevin, his brother Kent and Stephan Pyles will be entertaining 100 people.
D: I think a not-to-miss event is our Farmer Hall of Fame Dinner, which will pay tribute to leading growers across our region. My other favorite is the Ultimate Southern Tailgate, because if you’re from the South then you were born with tailgating in your blood.
EF: And tailgating is not just about BBQ, it’s about cocktails.
DL: It’s serious business. We start planning our tailgating a year in advance.

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The first Atlanta Food & Wine Festival takes place May 19-22.

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