SOLD OUT: The East Nashville Beer Festival on April 9 — And A Couple of Tips!

Online tickets for The East Nashville Beer Festival are all sold out! But for those who got tickets for this inaugural beer fest, we’ve got some tips for you, below the event information.

The East Nashville Beer Festival’s goal is to provide a fun and safe environment for beer drinkers to learn and enjoy the finest craft beers from around the United States. All paid attendees will receive a souvenir tasting glass (sorry, DD’s but no cup for you), unlimited samples, bag of goodies, and the opportunity to be part the Inaugural East Nashville Beer Festival. The festival also features live music, various other vendors, and Beer Education area.

Here a couple of tips for getting the most out of the festival:

1. Eat and then eat some more. Fill your tummy with something yummy before attending and make sure you eat plenty at the festival. A full stomach helps slow alcohol’s entrance into your bloodstream and you’ll feel much better in the morning.

2. Pace yourself. This isn’t a college kegger. You may be surprised how quickly your buzz can turn into something more severe when you hurry from booth to booth, especially when some of those booths are pouring high-octane ales or stouts.

3. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes. You will spend the majority of the day on your feet walking around the festival.

4. Talk to the brewers. These lucky people make beer for a living. They will be more than open to answering any questions about the beers they are pouring.


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