Neko Case Plays Two SOLD OUT Shows at Black Cat in D.C. on Friday, May 13

By Al Kaufman

The reasons to worship at the Church of Neko are many:

It could be that fiery red hair.

It could be her uninhibited desire to make and be around art.

It could be her love for the environment that often comes out in her songs.

How about the fact that she made music writer Jack Pendarvis giddier than his usual self when he got to interview her for Oxford American Magazine (at William Faulkner’s home no less)?

Her acerbic wit, perchance? (If you do nothing else, click on that link.)

I’ve already mentioned that mane of hair, right?

Or maybe you just appreciated her turn as the male fantasy, Chrysanthemum, on Aqua Teen Hunger Force, with pal Kelly Hogan (as the BJ Queen) and former Phillie’s first baseman John Kruk.

But the real reason to love Neko Case is that voice. It is a voice that could launch a thousand ships, fire a million cannons, and cause entire cities of men to leave their wives and girlfriends. It is strong and clean, pure and dynamic. It is love and lust. It is a voice that has never been afforded a chance to shine as part of the indie rock darlings, New Pornographers, but glistens in her alternative country, Americana, whatever you want to call it, solo material. Listen to her interpretations of  “Buckets of Rain” and “Don’t Forget Me,” and you won’t even care who Bob Dylan and Harry Nilsson are, respectively. Then listen to her go all out on some of her own compositions, such as “Rated X” and “This Tornado Loves You,” and simply be enthralled.

There are two types of people in the world; people who worship Neko Case, and people who hate music.

Worship services with Neko Case will be held at the Black Cat in DC, with Y La Bamba, on Friday, May 13, at 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. Proceeds will benefit 826 National, a non-profit children’s literacy organization. Both shows are sold out.

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