Tickets for 2nd Annual Boulder SourFest on Sale Wednesday, April 6 at Noon! – SOLD OUT!

UPDATE: This event is SOLD OUT! We hope you got your tickets, they went fast!

10 years ago if you were to ask your local bartender for a sour or wild ale he/she would have probably looked at you with a puzzled face and responded “What is that?” If you were to ask that same bartender today there is a very good chance you would be greeted a “What kind would you like?”

Sour/wild ale has become a very popular choice for avid beer drinkers in the past 10 years. This style of beer is definitely an acquired taste due to its pungent smell and tart taste. For those that enjoy it there is no better place to taste different kinds than The 2nd Annual Boulder SourFest at Avery Brewery. There will be over 80 different sour/wild ales on hand for tasting. A nice feature about the festival is that it caps off at 450 people to ensure that everyone gets ample tasting of all of the offered beers.

A lot more care goes into these beers than just letting them go sour in a barrel. The process is very tedious and requires a trained brew-master to produce these lip-puckering ales. Whether you are an avid sour ale drinker or you had your first today, The 2nd Annual Boulder SourFest is not to be missed.

2nd Annual Boulder SourFest

Saturday, June 11 at Avery Brewing Company in Boulder, Colo.

Tickets go on sale Wednesday, April 6 at noon.

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