Ticket Alternative launches it’s newest product: Wristband Tattoos

As unauthorized admission to concerts and events (aka “sneaking in”) continues to hurt an industry already suffering from the economy, Ticket Alternative announced today that it has developed a highly-secure new wristband to finally put a stop to the problem. In a first of it’s kind move, Ticket Alternative venues will begin tattooing wristbands onto customers at various events today.

Concert-goers can no longer carefully remove their admission wristband and pass it off to another person. No person under age will ever be able to obtain someone else’s wristband to buy an alcoholic drink. Company president Iain Bluett expects the move to save the massive worldwide industry about $400 in lost revenue annually.

“The concept is simple. While Tyvek, plastic and cloth wristbands are pretty secure, there’s no removing a tattoo. It’s a lifer. If you’ve got a two-day festival, simply tattoo the attendee on the first day, and have them show the wristband tattoo to get in to the event the next day. Unauthorized transfer to another person is IMPOSSIBLE. It’s brilliant.”

Smaller venues are using the technology too. Instead of the traditional hand-stamp or Sharpie pen, a small two-inch tattoo is quickly etched into the arm of the guest. Now, if they need to pop out for a cigarette or hit the ATM, there’s no question upon return whether they’ve already paid to get in. “Fresh blood should also be a good sign it’s real.” added CEO Jamie Dwyer.

The wristband tattoo kit sells for $49.99 and includes one high-quality tattoo gun, foot control switch, 10 ink colors, disposable gloves and two-page user manual.

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  1. Man, if this thing weren’t riddled with grammatical errors and… What does that say? 4 HUNDRED dollars? Man, sounds rough… It might be decent. Sorry guys, try again.

  2. haha, nice one… almost had me there for a minute until i thought about it and realized the date.

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