Peachtree City’s Fred Brings a Night of Improv with “Whose Live Anyway” on October 15

Starting on BBC 4 in the U.K. in 1988, “Whose Line Is It, Anyway?” ran for 10 years, while gaining popularity in America with airings on Comedy Central starting in the early ‘90s. A U.S. version followed, and ran for another eight seasons on ABC and ABC Family after that. For many television viewers, the show was their first exposure to this kind of improv comedy. Though the people responsible for the show did not create the genre, the phrase, “Whose Line is it, Anyway?,” has become a catch-all descriptive for a specific style of theater sports. The popularity of the show endures, and capitalizing upon that, four of the principal cast members have been taking a version on the road in the U.S. and Canada since 1999. Calling it Whose Live, Anyway?,  the show features comedians who participated in one or both versions of the television show. Who are they? Well…

Ryan Stiles, Executive Producer of the U.S. version of “Whose Line is it, Anyway?,” appeared on an impressive 197 episodes of the U.S. version, as well as 76 episodes of the original U.K. version. He’s instantly recognizable as Lewis Kiniski on “The Drew Carey Show,” and as Dr. Melnick on his 20 appearances on “Two and a Half Men.” He’s also appeared on “Reno 911!,” “Dharma and Greg,” “Murphy Brown,” “Mad About You,” “Who’s The Boss?,” and “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show,” as well as several different commercials. He’s done voiceover work for “Astro Boy,” “Rugrats,” and “Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.” He’s also hosted “MADtv,” appeared on 10 episodes of “Hollywood Squares,” and served as Roastmaster on the Comedy Central Roast of Drew Carey.

Greg Proops appeared in 50 episodes of the U.K. version of “Whose Line is it, Anyway?,” and 55 episodes of the U.S. version. A well-known stand-up and actor, he’s made appearances on “The Drew Carey Show,” “Ugly Betty,” “Just Shoot Me!,” and “Flight of The Conchords.” He’s done voiceover work for The Nightmare Before Christmas, “Bob The Builder,” Star Wars: Episode 1-The Phantom Menace, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. He’s been regular guest on “Chelsea Lately” and “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,” and a he was a commentator on VH1’s “I Love The ‘80s” and “I Love The ‘90s.” Kids currently know him as Max Madigan, from Nickelodeon’s hit sitcom, “True Jackson, VP.”

Chip Esten appeared in five episodes of the U.K. version of “Whose Line is it, Anyway?,” and 39 episodes of the U.S. version. He’s made the rounds on several popular TV shows, including “The Office” (as Josh Porter, the regional manager of the Stamford, Connecticut Branch of Dunder Mifflin), “Big Love(as Ray Henry), “ER” (as Dr. Barry Grossman), and “Party of Five” (as Luke). You may have also seen him on “NCIS: Los Angeles,” “The Mentalist,” “Cold Case,” “Just Shoot Me!,” “The Drew Carey Show,” “JAG,” “Star Trek: Voyager,” “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” “Murphy Brown” and “Cheers.”

Jeff B. Davis, who appeared on eight episodes of the U.S. version of “Whose Line is it, Anyway?,” has also appeared on “The Sarah Silverman Program,” “The Drew Carey Show,” the new “Melrose Place,” and “True Blood.” He’s also done voiceover work for Adult Swim’s “Moral Orel,” and portrayed Van Halen frontman, David Lee Roth in the popular online video series, “Yacht Rock.”

That’s a lot of credentials, but mostly, these guys are of the “Oh, yeah, that guy” variety of celebrity. They have faces you recognize, even if you don’t know their names. All that really matters is they are very funny and some of the best at this kind of improv comedy.

Whose Live, Anyway? has been a consistent sell-out since its inception 12 years ago, and this show on Saturday, October 15 at The Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheatre in Peachtree City will be no exception. You can expect a night of hilarious improvised comedy and song. Audience participation is key, so bring your suggestions, and you might be asked to join the cast onstage! They will be performing some of the games made famous from the TV show, plus some brand new ones. Stiles, Proops, Esten and Davis invent witty scenes on the spot, and leave audiences gasping. Crowds of all ages are amazed at how quickly they make it all up and astounded at the incredible musical range and improvised song lyrics of Esten and Davis. It’s a night of unforgettably funny interactive comedy!