TA Tackles the Ocoee!

By Taylor Garner

Work hard, play hard. A rule we abide by here at Ticket Alternative and a rule that was certainly in effect when we attempted to raft the Ocoee River this past weekend.

After meeting at the office and fueling up on chicken biscuits, we all piled in to a non-descript, 12-passenger van to begin our journey. The two and a half hour trip was filled with numerous rural Georgia sight-seeing opportunities including tractors on the road and local political candidates taking it to the streets (horse-drawn carriage style). Once we crossed the Tennessee state line it only took a few more minutes to reach our destination: Outdoor Adventure Rafting, also fittingly known at O.A.R. We had a brief safety introduction at O.A.R.’s facilities and then we suited up and loaded onto a bus which took us to the Ocoee’s banks.

The Ocoee is a 93-mile river that runs through Tennessee and ends in North Georgia. In 1996, the river was used for whitewater slalom events for the Olympics, which were being held in Atlanta. For our trip however, we skipped the Olympic-level stuff and went with the more newbie friendly middle course. We had to split into two rafts and wait behind a multitude of other rafters before we were finally in the water. Noel was the first one to attempt the courageous bull-riding maneuver where are rafter sits on the front of the raft with legs over the edge and holds on for dear life. Noel ended up on the rafts floor, legs sticking up in the air. At the end of the course, Michael and Taylor attempted the same maneuver. Michael bravely made it to the end of the course but Taylor was not so lucky. Unfortunately, he was flung from the raft and had to swim the last rapids.

We stopped by the Dam Deli & Diner to eat and after a nap filled van ride we were back home! It was an exhilarating trip and to be honest we’re still a little sore today, but nothing slows down here at the office, especially on a Monday.

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