5 GB With Olivia Mancini; Playing The Black Cat, August 12

By Eileen Tilson

To kick off our D.C. interview series “5GB,” we decided to choose a D.C. artist. Olivia Mancini is a D.C. native (very rare these days!) and cut her teeth playing bass for the Washington Social Club, until they disbanded in 2007. Having just released her first Vinyl, Olivia sat down with TA Live to chat before her show at The Black Cat on August 12.

Hi Olivia! Do you know you are our very first interview here on TA Live?

Really? Wow, thank you! I will try not to disappoint!

We are starting to do a series called “5GB,” a quick five questions about gigs, and you are our very first artist, so without further delay:

First gig you ever went to?

My dad took me to see Eric Clapton when I was around 10. It was right around the time “Tears in Heaven” came out, so everyone was crying! I remember my dad (who does not play guitar) told me that the reason that Eric Clapton was such an amazing guitar player was because he bends the guitar strings down when he plays, and everyone else bends them up. I remember thinking how cool that was, even though it really doesn’t make any sense!

Best gig you played/performed at?

Hmm, that’s a hard one! There are lots of contenders… I love doing house concerts, but I guess my favorite place to play is The Black Cat. Being from D.C., the Black Cat was always one of those places you went in and were like “ahhh, someday,” and now I am playing on the stage.

Best gig you went to?

This is another tough one! It is hard to remember sometimes what shows I went to as a fan, and which ones I played! My favorite show that I ever played though was probably with Bob Mould, that was really something special. I have always paid attention to and respected him, and so playing with him was amazing. Oh, and then there was the time that I jammed out with Ben Kweller in my producer’s [Roger Greenawalt] studio – that was definitely awesome!

Gig you’d most like to play?

This sounds silly, but I would LOVE to play at the Fillmore in San Francisco. So many legendary shows happened there, and plus they have the coolest psychedelic posters; I would love to be one of their posters!

Gig you’d like to do with another band?

Oh, Elvis Costello for sure. He is the be all end all for me. Elvis, if you are reading, I would love to open up for you!

Olivia Mancini & The Mates play with Tom McBride on August 12.

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