Ticket Alternative potluck

Etienne suggested the idea of Ticket Alternative throwing a good old fashioned potluck, and honestly, we were all for the idea. If there’s one thing we love, it’s food, especially food provided for us. Plus, this potluck, held on Wednesday, September 7, was a crucial stopgap between our legendary Free Lunch Fridays. So, how did trusting our lunches to “the luck of the pot” fare for everyone? Pretty, pretty good.

Come on, look at this spread! ‘Twas a hearty smorgasbord, featuring three (count ‘em, three!) crock pots, filled with (respectively) delicious shredded beef from Iain, meatballs from Ben, and chili from Baxley. Jamie provided the fried chicken, and a beef quesadilla was offered up by Kelsi. But maybe you don’t want a parade of meat for lunch? No problem. We had you covered, from Hillery’s cucumber salad, Angela’s baked beans, or Noel’s mind-blowingly good homemade pimento cheese sandwiches. Mark brought chips and salsa and Taylor the artichoke dip. The absolutely necessary soda was brought by Michael, who gave us three different variaties (Pepsi, Orange Crush, and Mountain Dew).

Real food? Who needs it? The desserts were obviously the most fun part. Hillery outdid herself, bringing Rocky Road brownies to accompany the cucumber salad. Molly’s espresso chocolate soufflé cupcakes worked on two levels: taste (yum) and combating that troublesome 2:30 feeling. Etienne brought a key lime pie and chocolate chip cookies, while Jen felt as though one apple pie was not sufficient, and brought two, one traditional, one crumb.

Jeremy? Oh, I’m glad you asked. He brought nothing, content to lazily enjoy the work of others, like the proverbial grasshopper in Aesop’s fable. The joke was ultimately on him, though, as it was his week on kitchen duty, and he was responsible for cleaning the whole mess up. To be completely fair, Angela, Hillary, and Iain helped, but Jeremy prefers to be remembered as a saintly martyr.

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