Live Review & Picture Book: Family Force 5 at Revolution Music Room, November 5

By Sarah Spencer

On November 5, the popular Christian crunk rock band Family Force 5 invaded Little Rock’s Revolution Music Room in bold fashion with themselves as their own opening band. Although they were in costume, complete with wigs and mustaches along with incognito names and personas calling themselves The 808ers, their fans quickly realized the masquerade. The 808ers used voice distortion when conversing with audience members while claiming “Family Force 5 hired us to do this karaoke challenge thing.” The randomly selected fans picked a FF5 song to do with the band, karaoke style. There were three sets of challengers. A local named Tim Fisher was awarded as the audience approved winner who would later appear at the end of the night to sing with FF5.

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After The 808ers left the stage to prepare for their performance as Family Force 5, the energy level rose and the anticipation grew within the young crowd of fans. The Atlanta-based band returned after a short break and immediately started their set with, “Can You Feel It,” a definite party starter of hard hitting beats and sexy grooves. Can I say “sexy” to describe a “Christian Rock Band”? I’m not sure but, I just did. The genre jumpers then went straight into “Wobble” with it’s emphatic bass line while teaching listeners exactly how to perfect the dance move proclaiming, “Let me see ya Wobble!”. A long air-horn and dubstep beat introduced “Dang Girl,” an ode to fine women everywhere with lead singer and rhythm guitarist, Solomon Olds, a.k.a. Soul Glow Activatur, sharing vocals with his brother, Joshua Olds, AKA Fatty, on bass guitar. Also on stage with the brothers is Joshua’s twin on drums and vocals, Jacob Olds, AKA Crouton, along with Nathan Currin, AKA Nadaddy, keytarist, percussionist and background vocalist and last but, not least, Derek Mount, AKA Chap Stique, lead guitarist. After “Dance or Die,” with its futuristic, electronic grooves sprinkled with Michael Jackson’s dance moondust the band took us into a laid back acoustic set.

The majority of the audience, including me, weren’t ready to go unplugged. We love Family Force 5 for their thunderous beats, feel good vibe and electric flow. Fans’ fickleness became immediately known when they started with my personal favorites, “You Got It” followed by “Mamacita,” their Latin inspired ode complete with sweet Spanish guitar tunes from their brand new album, “III,” released last month. Soon the amps were plugged back in and the guys started to head bang in perfect unison in their signature party starting mode. The party continued as the winner of the karaoke challenge rejoined on the stage and sang,”Love Addict,” a passionate anthem of love and faith.

Afterwards, everyone exited stage left but the band quickly returned for an encore with much encouragement from their fans. Although the encore consisted of only one song,”Ghostride the Whip” had with it all the grittiness and swagger we’ve come to expect from these young and talented artists. The fun didn’t end there, my friends. The night continued with a long line of fans receiving hugs, pictures and signatures from every single member of Family Force 5 followed by another karaoke party outside the venue on the patio. Soul Glow Activatur showed he was eager to continue singing while having a blast doing just that. He chose “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns ‘N’ Roses to start the karaoke off and then joined me and my girlfriends to sing “Kiss” by Prince, which was the highlight of the night for me, by the way. His little brother, Jacob, ended the karaoke party with his funky fresh version of Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You.” This was my third time seeing these adventurous entertainers and it seems they are only getting better with age. The party ended on a high note and everyone left happy in what is always a ridiculously fun and adrenaline pumping concert.

The 808’ers:

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