TA Pets!

If your office is anything like ours, at least once a day someone comes across a picture of an animal doing something adorable. It’s not uncommon to find animals being awesome; especially considering cats make up, something like, 80% of the internet. (It’s possible this fact has been exaggerated.) We’re constantly discussing what animal would make a great office pet. There are a lot of things to consider: Clean-up, food consumption and habitat being the most important. There have been many suggestions, some practical and some not, but ultimately we think we’ve come to a pretty responsible and popular decision.

10. Bald Bear – Hey, bald animals need love too!











9. Tiny Owl – Whooooo couldn’t love an owl?

8. Baby Giraffe – When it gets too tall for the office, we’ll just have to open the skylights.

7. Bear Cubs – Sure they could kill us with one claw, but when they get really big we can just donate them to the zoo!

6. Tiny Snake – There’s nothing creepy about a tiny snake slithering around an office, is there?

5. Otters – It’s waving hello!!!!

4. Sugar Gliders – A little buddy who would just hang out on our shoulders, or in our pockets while we worked!

3. Turtles – We just want to teach them karate.

2. Office Cat – They’d obviously help us get work done.

1. Hermit Crabs – Easy to maintain and we’re really excited about painting their shells!

Look at the possibilities:


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