Ticket Alternative Wishful Office Renovations!

It’s fun to have dreams and hope for something greater regardless of what it might be and here at TATP headquarters we’re no different. Well, actually we are a little different and that’s because the things we hope and dream for are a little absurd. One popular and sillier topics of conversation around the office include the great potential for our office to become something more reminiscent of a fun house. Rather than ball pits and crawl-through tunnels we were thinking of some things better suited to our needs here. So we’ve come up with a list of some amazing and super fun ideas for some office renovations. 

1.            A Slide!

Out with the old….

…and in with the new.


2.            Bunk Desks (Hollywood Squares style)


(Rather than the conventional desk set up, we’d have sprial staircases and the works)

3.            WhirlyBall on the roof

4.            Soundproof print room

5.            Those sleep-chamber things in The Fifth Element, where you lay down, press a button and you’re OUT.

6.            TA Café – Where “Boca Bucks” can be earned for free lattes, cappuccinos, etc. (Complete with in-house barista.)

7.            Omelet Bar/Prime Rib Bar.

8.            “Tickie’s T.A.-care” – daycare service.

(Is it obvious that I didn’t have Photoshop installed on my computer? Hey, gotta work with what you got, right?)

9.            A vending machine.  Just a simple, vending machine.


These vending machines were especially selected for two of our very special employees…

10.          A trick bookshelf that will provide for us a shortcut to the water dispenser and the front door.

On the other side of this wall is our only office water dispenser, so we were thinking something more like this….

Pretty sweet, eh? I mean, am I right or am I right?



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