Whirlyball Throwdown: Ticket Alternative vs. The EARL

By Taylor Garner, Client Services Representative

It’s no secret that we are big fans of Whirlyball. It has been our holiday party destination for three years running and we were just there a month ago. Turns out our holiday games were just practice for an even bigger contest – a night of competitive Whirlyball matches with our good friends from The EARL in East Atlanta. It seems that somebody over at The EARL caught wind of our Whirlyball antics and decided (foolishly) to issue a challenge to Ticket Alternative.

Pleasantries were exchanged before we got started and were quickly forgotten as we took the court. The first match set the stage for the rest of the night. TA and The EARL were locked in an endurance test as the match went into triple overtime only to end in a tie game. Bragging rights were on the line and competition was fierce for the rest of the night, but Ticket Alternative won out in the end! Not only did we take more matches overall that night, but we also took down The EARL in the official and decisive match!

Any future challengers should take heed… better make sure you’ve had plenty of practice before you take the Whirlyball court against TA!

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