5 GB With Aunt Martha; Playing Rock & Roll Hotel, Thursday March 29th

Sometimes not being able to find a bio on a band, as is the case with NH band Aunt Martha, can actually be a blessing. Now you have to decide based upon looks and answers to said questions, whether or not this might be a gig you would be interested in. Here are my thoughts: based upon the answers below, they look to have decent taste in flannel and music, which makes them hipster appropriate. I’m intrigued. They like Radiohead and My Morning Jacket, and make reference of Deer Tick…ok, so they might be hipsters, but I’ll bet they can pull some chicks. They are playing the Rock & Roll Hotel this Thursday in D.C. and joined us for our 5 GB series before their show.

What was the first gig you ever went to?

First gig I ever went to: In the summer of 1994, some friends and I shelled out the twenty bucks and went to “MixFest” in the suburbs of Boston. The only band I remember seeing was that Vertical Horizons band that was popular for a minute. The “Everything you want” song? I vaguely remember belting that one out from the crowd.

What is the best gig that you ever played/performed at?

Best gig I played at was Bonnaroo 2011. It was our biggest show to date, and a real thrill to be playing the same festival as so many bands I admire. We played a bunch of different sets over the course of the four days, and after each set we’d pack up our gear and hustle over to another stage to see some great band. It was also really cool to be in line for a beer and look back and see the Black Keys dudes in line with you. Although I think they ended up cutting to the front. Fair enough.

What is the best gig you have ever been to?

Best gig I went to… Tough, tough question. Delta Spirit blew me away the last time I saw those guys. I see a lot of shows, but they have something really special. Vasquez, the singer, commands that stage like few others. He’s a madman but he pulls it off so well. At one point during one of my favorites, “Bushwick Blues,” a fight broke out in the front row. The band keeps playing, Vasquez stops mid-verse and proceeds to break up the fight from the stage. Then he picks up right where he left off and the band finishes the song. Not bad.

Gig you would most like to play?

Coachella would definitely be something. The lineup this year is scary. But I think I’d rather play one show with a band that I love. I’ll go with Radiohead. Aunt Martha opens for Radiohead, and then Thom Yorke invites me up to sing harmonies on “Let Down.” Yeah. I’d die a happy man.

What would be the lineup for your dream gig?

Well I just picked Radiohead, so let me do something different. Aunt Martha first, followed by Deer Tick and My Morning Jacket closes. We play, then we get to watch Deer Tick. But even better, we get to watch My Morning Jacket WITH Deer Tick. It seems like those guys really know how to rage and I think it’d be a blast catching a show with them. Someone might die though. Hopefully not.

Catch Aunt Martha this Thursday at  Rock & Roll Hotel, D.C..

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