5GB With Korallreven; Playing Black Cat, Monday March 5

“Korallreven” is the Swedish word for “coral reef,” which could be pretty confusing for someone not familiar with the Swedish pop duo’s dreamy sound. But, of course that means all the hipsters love this band, including the infamous Pitchfork, which gave the duo’s latest  album a whopping 7.5! They are playing the Black Cat Monday, and you will definitely be considered “cool” if you are at that show. We chatted with them a bit before their show.

What was the first gig you ever went to?

Don’t recall. A long time ago… My parents took me to a lot of gigs with crappy swedish artists when I was little. The first one of significance was The Chemical Brothers in ’95. They totally blew my mind. But please bear in mind that this was way before they were captured by beer-drinking hooligan lads. They along with Daft Punk’s Da funk opened my mind to club music.

What is the best gig that you ever played/performed at?

Well, we haven’t played that many shows yet. We have the best ones ahead of us.

What is the best gig you have ever been to?

Hard to say. There are a few. I saw Spiritualized in ’97 after the Ladies and gentlemen-album. It was the loudest most epileptic-inducing (thanks to massive use of strobes…) show I’ve ever been to. It was like being run over by a truck – a dozen times. Primal Scream in 2000 on some funny substance is another that comes to mind just like Animal Collective in 2007 at a small french festival in Provence, trying all the songs that later ended up on Merriweather Post Pavillion. Or perhaps when me and Marcus caught Erlend Øye sing an impromptu serenade outside a small bar in Malmö a few years ago.

Gig you would most like to play?

We don’t have any particular favorite festivals or events. We’re still waiting for someone to put together an event on a South pacific island for the cause of the dying coral reefs featuring us, a young Velvet Underground, a Samoan choir with Elite Gymnastics providing beats and Andy Weatherall behind the mixing desk. Of course everyone would have to go there in canoes and it would have to be totally warped in time.

Catch Korallreven Monday at Black Cat, Washington, D.C…

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