Fly Like Paper

By Jennifer Ballard, Client Services Representative at Ticket Alternative Ticket Printing

Our newest obsession around the office has been paper airplanes. I’m not sure how this even started, but all of the sudden one day we were throwing paper airplanes! Everyone has a different folding technique and some of us couldn’t fold a plane to save our lives; but all of us have had a blast taking a second here and there to toss a plane around the office.

In fact, it’s become sort of a game. After someone accidentally got a paper plane stuck in the rafters; we thought it’d be a really great idea to try to get more planes on the ceiling. It’s harder than you think, but somehow we manage.

It’s even become a sort of “20 foot high club”, once you get a plane in the ceiling you’re a legend. While there have been some other things to get caught in our throwing game (you can see a stuffed elephant amongst the planes), the paper airplanes are the real target.

Happy folding everyone!

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