I don’t love animals – by Noel

At TATP we talk about animals a lot.  Whether it’s cat .gifs, new pets that our co-workers have acquired, or a new species discovered in an African rainforest – we’re constantly oooohing and ahhhhing over the entire animal kingdom.  The only issue is that I don’t actually love animals.  I really don’t.   They’re expensive to take care of, they carry crazy germs and disease, they bite, you have to clean up their pee and poop, and they might one day snap and kill you.   Below are my 6 least favorite animals of all time.


You say that your cat has never made this face before? It will.


I’m well aware that this isn’t a “real” photo of a snake, but it might as well be.


Can you imagine how awful this turtle smells? Yes, you can – it smells just like every other turtle.


This is actually the prettiest picture ever taken of a horse. It’s true! I looked it up!


Good lord. Gold teeth or not, rats are absolutely disgusting.


Fish are good for eating. Not staring at, not taking pictures of, not swimming with – but eating. I’d even eat this one, buck-teeth and all.

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