Jeremy’s Watching

By Molly Segers, Client Account Manager

He loves Mountain Dew.

He always sounds sarcastic (no matter how sincere he may be).

He has an impressive collection of Justin Beiber memorabilia.

He’s customer service manager Jeremy.

And he’s the unofficial face of Ticket Alternative.

Yes, Iain and Jamie might be the ones at the top, but Jeremy is the one whose mug is plastered all over TA headquarters! Much like the 30 Rock characters of yore, we’ve made a sport out of adding some Jerms to every corner of the office.

He watches over us…

He keeps us excited about TA….

He keeps us on schedule…

He dances for us…

He finds his way into our monthly coloring contests…

It seems there’s nothing that can’t be improved with a little Jeremy.

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