Red Bull Soapbox Race is happening in Atlanta!

By Etienne Faria

As a graduate from UGA, I was a resident of Athens, Georgia for a few years and each year Athens has a bike race in the center of town known as Twilight which was an annual event my friends and I looked forward to. For an entire weekend the streets of downtown are shut down for bike races, live music, vendors and other festivities. One of which included the Redbull Chariot Races, similar to it’s counterpart, the Redbull Soapbox Race (the chariot races are the collegiate version of the downhill Soapbox race).

Recently, the regional Redbull offices in Atlanta had a Soapbox Race kick-off party which I was lucky enough to have the chance to attend on behalf of Ticket Alternative and Atlanta Music Guide. The party gave attendees the chance to learn more about the race, gain inspiration and basically get Atlanta pumped up for the races coming in June.

Which brings me to this question – are you thinking about participating in the Soapbox races this summer? If so, where would you draw your inspiration for your cart? I was thinking a sweet looking boom-box like the one from the movie Say Anything with John Cusack, but that’s just me.

Here are some quick who, what and wheres for anyone interested:
Who can apply? Anyone! Space is limited, so a panel will select from all the applications 40 teams of 3 to participate in the races. And it’s FREE!
What exactly is the Soapbox Race? It’s a competition for amatuer soapbox drivers and builders to showcase their skills, vehicles and style. All carts are non-motorized, built from scratch vehicles which race individually downhill.
When is the application due? April 16th
When are the races? June 9th
Where? At Piedmont Park in Atlanta

Interested in learning more about the Atlanta Redbull Soapbox race? Click right here for more information!

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