5GB With Allo Darlin; Playing Black Cat, April 26

London tween poppers, Allo Darlin are hilarious. And, out off all the indie rockers that take themselves way to seriously, it is very refreshing to see music made for sheer fun…They call themselves a “fan’s band,” and it shows. Their debut album was released on Fortuna Pop in June 2010 to widespread critical acclaim. They spent much of 2010 and 2011 on the road in the UK, Europe and America. Their second album “Europe” will be released in May 2012 on Fortuna POP! in Europe and Slumberland Records in America.

What’s the first gig you ever attended?

First gig I ever went to was a band called Regurgitator, in Brisbane where I grew up. I think I was 14. They were playing for free in the big square in front of the City Hall. It got shut down after about 5 songs because the barriers they had set up got pulled down. But not before they played a song called “I sucked a lot of c**k to get where I am”. It’s actually a really good pop song.

What is the best gig that you ever played/performed?

SLast year we played the opening slot at one of the larger stages of a festival called End Of The Road. We love the festival and were excited to be playing, but the opening spot at a festival is a tough one. You don’t often get a lot of people because everyone is still in bed and if people do come then they are just warming up. We thought, if we get the tent about half full we’ll be really happy. When we went out onto the stage we found out that it was in fact, full. There was, I guess about 2500 people there. And that feels amazing – it was totally overwhelming and unexpected and a huge, huge amount of fun. We even had a marriage proposal during the set (she said ‘yes’). A close second for me personally though is at the opposite end of the scale. We played a show in a basement in New Brunswick, NJ on our first American tour. It was awesome. I had a ‘forty’. Felt like Eazy E.

What is the best gig you have ever seen?

That’s a hard one. One that springs to mind though, my friend Nik about 5 years ago said come and see this band ‘Matt and Kim’ at a place called the Cuban Bar in Camden. It was (I think) their first ever show in the UK and I’d never heard anything they’d done before. There was about 15 maybe 20 people there, but it was one of the most fun shows I’d ever been to. They were a little bit mad and frenzied and it was infectious. I remember Matt stood on this rickety seat they had there for one song and then accidentally fell on top of the mixing desk. It looked really painful but they were both just laughing. We were singing their songs all the way home. So that’s right up there.

Gig you would most like to play?

I bet it would be fun to play one of those mega festivals, but they seem kind of ridiculous to me as well. But, not as ridiculous as the Weezer cruise that happened this year (or was it last year?). I’d like to play at that. Cause there’s no other way you’d get us on one of those boats.

What would be the lineup for your dream gig?

When we got asked this question last time I think one of the bands was the Electric Mayhem (the band from the Muppets) and I’d stand by that, they have all the hits. A few years ago our drummer Mike put on a little one day festival in Kent, which was charmingly dubbed Kent Face. It was basically us and a lot of the bands we knew and were friends with in a village hall in a place called Grafty Green and afterwards everyone camped out in a field nearby. I think that for me is the perfect show – bands you love and good friends in a little hall. Who would play? It would be Allo Darlin’, The Wave Pictures (with Darren Hayman), Standard Fare, Tigercats, Shrag, Eux Autres and The Smittens. And Bruce Springsteen. And Paul Simon. Y’know, just our friends.

Catch Allo Darlin, April 206th at Black Cat, Washington D.C.

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