I’ll Take Fabulous Fox Trivia for One Reese’s Egg, please.

By Sarah Davenport, Client Services Manager

Yesterday we celebrated the signing of the newest Ticket Alternative client, The Fabulous Fox Theatre, located here in our hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. For those that might not know, The Fox is a National Historic Landmark located in the heart of the city where over 750,000 visit each year to attend a concert, theatrical performance, movie, and so much more.

This morning we continued to celebrate the new addition in our bi-weekly breakfast meeting with some Fabulous Fox Trivia where leftover Easter candy was thrown out for the person with the correct (or closest) guess.

We thought you might like to play along as well, see how many you can guess…

In what year was The Fox Theatre built?
The closest guess without going over was 1920, so close, but the correct answer is 1929.

How many seats are in The Fox Theatre?
4,678 – We did have someone guess this answer, our own Ben Neill but he had some insider information since he worked with The Fox for a time.

What is the name of The Fox Theatre’s legendary 1929 theatre pipe organ?
Before I could even finish this question Noel was shouting out “Mighty Mo!”, which is in fact the right answer. It is worth a trip to The Fox Theatre to hear Mighty Mo. One of my favorite Fox memories as a child was sing-a-longs with the Mighty Mo before the start of their summer movies.

How much popcorn does The Fox Theatre sell in a year?
This was another one that was correctly guessed by Taylor in our office. Before you are too impressed, it was a contested answer as others thought he peaked over my shoulder at the answer. However he knew the answer it is still a staggering amount of popped corn – four and a half tons of popcorn is sold each year!

At this point, trivia was paused shortly as we all wondered how to convert that number to bags. With no quick answer play resumed. (If you take the time to figure it out let us know.)

One of the stars in The Fox Theatre’s “night sky” is made out of another Atlanta icon. What is it?
It is not gold from the dome of the capitol as some guessed. Instead, there is part of a Coca-Cola bottle shimmering in the sky of The Fox’s beautiful ceiling. Another must see that makes The Fox so Fabulous is the ceiling as it transitions from sunrise to sunset!

With candy dispersed, and our heads full of Fabulous Fox Trivia it was time to get on with the day.

Hopefully you have enjoyed these bits of trivia about the Fabulous Fox Theatre. Feel free to share them at your next dinner party, or office breakfast meeting. Thanks to all of the Ticket Alternative staff and you at home for playing along. And to the Fox, who joins our roster of awesome clients, thanks for being so Fabulous!

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